Christian Conservatives Challenge Gay Rights Bullying Data Objectivity

Posted by on October 1, 2010

The objectivity and scientific research methodology for GLSEN’s (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network) National School Climate Survey is challenged by Focus on the Family, a Christian Conservative group based in Colorado.

In The Truth About GLSEN’s School Climate Report, Focus on the Family’s Candi Cushman’s analysis posted yesterday says:

“It’s a generally recognized principle that truly objective, scientific research should not be conducted by people who have a vested, political interest in the outcome. But this principle doesn’t seem to faze GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.)

For years, GLSEN has pressured schools to introduce homosexual topics and books to kids as young as kindergarten. And its favorite method for justifying those demands is to trot out statistics from its very own National School Climate Survey (the latest report was released this September).

You might also notice that statistics from this report are constantly cited in national media when the issue of homosexual activism in schools is discussed. But what’s rarely acknowledged is that the data was compiled and interpreted entirely by GLSEN’s own in-house activists.”

Ms. Cushman’s analysis comments in-depth on various components of the GLSEN national survey.  The article then concludes:

“To summarize, it is unfortunate that the GLSEN National School Climate Survey fails to provide a more objective and accurate statistical representation of student bullying problems nationwide. However, it can be read as a reliable road map of homosexual advocacy groups’ political plans for the nation’s public schools. If things go according to GLSEN’s schedule, for instance, homosexuality and transgender themes will soon be incorporated throughout taxpayer-funded curriculum—across all subjects for children as young as kindergarten, whether their parents like it or not. Schools will be forced to let boys use girls’ restrooms and girls use boys’ locker rooms—all in the name of an adult-oriented, “genderqueer” agenda. And teachers, parents and students whose worldview happens to differ from these goals, could eventually be forced to comply with all of this under the authority of federal mandates.”

While there was no response on GLSEN’s web site “News” section at the time this post is being written, GLSEN did post a Twitter comment noting:

Focus on Family attacks our new report on LGBT students: says findings untrue & faulty bec don’t include straight ppl

The politicization of school safety intensifies.  Stay tuned for updates…

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