“Don’t Touch My Junk”: TSA’s Civil Rights Mixed Message

Posted by on November 17, 2010

John Tyner made his video viral and his “don’t touch my junk” comment the buzz phrase of the week after refusing a groin area pat down and backscatter x-ray machine at a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint in San Diego on November 13th.

The x-ray machine, which reveals a rather detailed body image to a TSA agent away from the site of the screening, has created quite a stir about privacy violations. The only bigger buzz is about the option to the backscatter machine:  A more thorough, “hands on” pat down which has stirred up equally loud, if not greater, public outrage.

While most of the discussion has been around whether the x-ray photos and pat downs are civil rights and/or privacy violations, I have yet to hear anyone attack the most ironic mixed and confusing message of this entire process:

“Why does the federal government dodge the tried-and-true Israeli airline security method of behavioral analysis out of fear of claims of ‘profiling’ and civil rights violations, yet no one in the federal government apparently views personalized body x-rays, breast and chest groping, and grabbing of male crotch areas to be a civil rights and privacy violation? 

So in short, it is not O.K. under federal political correctness standards for TSA to ask people questions based on behavioral analysis, but it is O.K. to snap their borderline nude body images and grope their most personal body parts?”

Is the federal government sending mixed messages?  Is it good security or the height of political correctness?  What would people think if such measures were proposed for other venues such as courthouses, government office buildings, or even schools?

What say you?

Ken Trump

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One thought on ““Don’t Touch My Junk”: TSA’s Civil Rights Mixed Message

  1. Lois says:

    On April 16, 2011 at approximately 5:30 AM at the PHL airport in the Southwest screening area, I set off the metal alarm because I have a hip implant. I was subjected to sexual molestation, invasion of my genitals by the hand of the TSA representative.
    I want to make clear that I consider being subjected to pat-down of any kind to be a civil rights violation — discrimination against a minority — the Medical Implant Community. I consider touching of my genitals to be totally out-of-line and unacceptable.
    Considering that my hip implant is permanent, and that it always triggers metal alarms, subjecting me to repeated sexual molestation must be prevented. No medical implantee is a likely terrorist. We got these implants because we want to live our lives. Subjecting us to pat-downs every time we fly must be prevented!

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