White House Withholds Bullying Conference Invitee List

Posted by on March 16, 2011

The White House Conference on Bullying Prevention was streamed live and well publicized. Then why won’t the White House release an invitee list after five requests?

White House Withholds Bullying Conference Invitee List

The day before the bullying conference, I requested from the White House Media Office an invitee list with the names and organizations of invitees.  It is a pretty simple and straightforward request.

After no response to two inquiries, I resent it and got the following response:

 On Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 1:02 PM, FN-WHO-Media_Affairs <Media_Affairs@who.eop.gov> wrote:

Mr. Trump,

I’ve attached the background release on the White House Conference on Bullying Prevention. For a record of visitors to the White House, please see http://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/disclosures/visitor-records.

Thank you!

White House Office of Media Affairs

This “non-response response” failed to address my request in two ways.  First of all, the White House visitors record online does not provide the name and organization of attendees, nor the invitee list specifically referencing this event.  Second, the backgrounder was on the White House web site the day of my request and was totally unrelated to my original request for an attendee list.

Known Attendees Point To Gay Rights and Civil Rights Special Interest Political Agenda

The day after the conference, I detailed an extensive list of gay rights special interest group activists who were in attendance in my post on Politics of Bullying & School Safety: Obama & Gay Rights Agenda

Since then, I learned that other attendees included Congresswoman Linda Sanchez, who has been pushing the Safe School Improvement Act at the behest of gay rights advocates.  Obama and gay rights-friendly teacher unions apparently were also present, including the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association.  Note that the head of the Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Education Network (GLSEN), Eliza Byard, described the unions as their allies, not me.

Importance for School Leaders and School Safety Officials

Why is this relevant to school leaders and school safety officials?  It is simple: School safety is being politicized. There are huge federal policy and funding implications which directly impact schools.  (We can start with the Administration’s expansive interpretation of federal civil rights laws to include bullying and federal civil rights investigators being dispatched to investigate local school administrators.)

What is the White House Hiding?

Perhaps the reason the White House Media Office has yet to release the invitee list is because they don’t want people to make these connections to a political agenda which goes far beyond the surface level guise of bullying?

Surely for security purposes they would have had an invitee list?  Or did the White House just open the doors to whoever wanted to attend that day and they really don’t know who was there?

I’ll find out.  I’m not going away.  I have resubmitted my request twice so we are up to about five times of asking for the same thing.

Perhaps others can join in requesting until we get a clear, concise, and transparent response.  Isn’t that what President Obama promised about White House visitors?

Ken Trump

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