Gay rights bullying activist Savage accused of bullying, slams Bible

Posted by on May 3, 2012

Dan Savage, a gay rights activist and sex columnist whose “It Gets Better” anti-bullying campaign has included videos from President Obama and members of his Administration, is being accused of being a bully.

During a speech last month at a high school journalism conference in Seattle, Savage went on a rampage in which he slammed the Bible and what it says about gay people. He went on to call the students who walked out during his attack on Christians “pansy-assed” among other comments.

See the video:

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Savage was also recently criticized for making a comment that he wanted to sexually engage former Presidential candidate Rick Santorum.

I also documented in March of 2011 how Savage and other gay rights activists dominated the White House Conference on Bullying Prevention and how that conference appeared to be more of a civil rights and gay rights political event than a safe schools or bullying program.

In fact, the Obama Administration has dedicated an entire section of its web site to Savage’s It Gets Better campaign.

Savage’s tirade at last month’s high school journalism conference only reinforces the questions I have posed, along with many others, as to whether “bullying” and “safe schools” have been politically hijacked by gay rights special interests groups to really further a broader social and political civil rights agenda.

Although Savage subsequently caved to the intense media and public pressure for his attack on the Bible and Christians with an apology, it appears as though his comments may have accurately reflected his true beliefs and intentions. As many have suspected all along, there appears to be more “bull” than “bullying” in the so-called “anti-bullying” agenda he, the White House and their special interest political cronies have been pushing in recent years.

The loser:  A comprehensive and balanced public policy and funding for school safety, including the wide range of kids who are truly bullied for many reasons beyond the focus of one special interest group.


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