Attorney General: Ohio teachers should assault, choke, subdue gunmen in schools

Posted by on June 9, 2013

Teachers should throw items and assault, choke and subdue intruders and school shooters, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine instructs teachers in his office’s latest school safety and emergency plan template.

An ongoing review of DeWine’s plan reveals that on page 59 of the Ohio Attorney General’s School Safety/Emergency Operations Plan Template released on Friday, teachers are directed:

“If an active shooter or intruder enters the classroom use WHATEVER means necessary to keep your students safe. This may include any and all forms of resistance to the threat.

If an intruder enters and begins shooting, any and all actions to stop the shooter are justified. This includes moving about the room to lessen accuracy, throwing items (books, computers, phones, book bags) to create confusion, exiting out windows, and confronting (assault, subdue, choke) to stop the intruder. Tell students to get out anyway possible and move to another location.”

Some school security experts believe DeWine’s manual may be the first in the nation where a state attorney general or other government agency has specifically instructed school teachers and/or students to attack intruders and school shooters.

Many veteran school security, law enforcement, and school psychology experts believe such advice is high-risk and high-liability. They cite the failure of such plans to consider the impact of age and developmental factors, special needs students (autistic, physically-challenged, behavioral disorders, etc.), the psychological impact on young children, and other child and school-specific considerations.

DeWine’s recommendations for throwing things at, and then attacking, intruders and school shooters closely resembles the “Counter” method taught in the controversial ALICE training program that originated in Texas and has garnered increased scrutiny after the Sandy Hook school shooting.

Critics also question whether such instructions from state government, police and school administrators oversteps parental boundaries by instructing teachers and students to attack intruders and gunmen without parental knowledge and/or consent.

The Ohio Attorney General’s instructions as a part of an official state recommended model plan also raises questions as to the legal implications for his office and schools that adopt the controversial model. Should a school or school district adopt his model plan and a child get hurt or killed as a result of state agency direction to attack armed gunmen, many experts believe the victims’ families would hold the school and AG’s office liable for what many consider questionable guidance.

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4 thoughts on “Attorney General: Ohio teachers should assault, choke, subdue gunmen in schools

  1. Anthony says:

    Let me ask a question Mr. Trump. You consitently say that ALiCE tells students to attack the intruder. Yes, this is true, IF and ONLY IF, the unlikely chance occurs that the shooter is in the room. More to the point is to barricade so the perp cannot gain access to the room. I’m befuddled by your instance that students should sit in the corner, waiting to DIE. Instead of incesently saying how bad ALiCE is, why don’t you tell us what you would do if the shooter is in the room. You’re advocacy of lockdown has a body count to rival a war and blood in many classrooms, yet you continue to advocate “hide and hope” or “pray while the shooter prey’s.” I apprciate that you want to besmirch a particular program, but you still have yet to answer the question, what do YOU SAY for my grand daughter to do if she is in a room when a shooter enters the room? Lie in the corner and wait for the bullet? Pile bleeding bodies on top of her in the hopes that the shooter thinks she’s dead?

    These responses are intellectual nonsense and you should be ashamed of yourself both for advocating passivity and for touting the so called “experts” that you never name. Who are these experts that you “quote?”

    You lack credibility sir

    Dr. Anthony Vander Horst Ph.D. Education Policy and Leadership

    1. Ken Trump says:

      Anthony, I am so sorry you are befuddled. I am not surprised, though, that given you are affiliated with Kent State University, the home of one of the ALICE business frequent trainers, that you might have a vested interest and/or unique buy-in to the program.

      It’s not about wanting to “besmirch” a particular program. It’s about what many, including myself, believe may be a well-intended, but not well thought out, concept for preK-12 school settings. It lacks age and developmental, special needs children, and other factors, in my professional opinion.

      See what is previously written in the blog and web site for implementation concerns.

      Others who have rejected the ALICE training throw things and attack concept include a representative of the National Association of School Psychologists and the National Association of School Resource Officers. See prior blog articles which quotes names as you falsely accused me of not doing. And there will surely be more to come, so keep reading.

      While I understand your right to your opinion, I am increasingly perplexed by why ALICE advocates like you feel a need to make personal attacks and do name calling. Aside from being childish, it appears as though a number of you are angry. Perhaps this is why you are all so blindly committed to having people throw things?

  2. Anthony says:

    Mr. Trump,

    I simply ask again, what do I tell my grand daughter to do if the shooter is in the classroom. What do YOU say to do?

  3. James says:

    I think the key phrase here is “If an intruder enters and begins shooting”. It did not say If a person enters with a gun (two far different reactions). I couldn’t care less about ALICE or anything other program. That is doing what you have to do to survive. How is this unacceptable? I’d rather defend my actions to parents and lawyers than to have my kids or myself buried.
    It is similar to sitting at a stoplight with a dumptruck about to rear end you at a high rate of speed and you stay put instead of making an illegal right turn to save yourself.

    Just one man’s opinion.

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