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School Safety, School Security, and 
School Emergency / Crisis Preparedness 
Expert Witness Services

Kenneth Trump, a national school safety and security expert, provides expert witness and litigation consulting services to plaintiff and defense attorneys, insurance officials and others needing expert assistance with their legal cases.

National School Safety and Security Services, is a Cleveland (Ohio)-based national consulting firm specializing in school safety, school security, school emergency / crisis preparedness, and related issues specifically for public and private preK-12 education settings.

Expert Witness and Litigation Consulting Services

Testifying and/or Non-Testifying Services may include:

Case Evaluation: A review of facts and issues with recommendations for further action on the case.  Deposition reviews and evaluating opposing expert reports.

Case Consultation: Advice on potential action, pleadings, discovery, public records searches, deposition questioning, and related phases 

Testifying School Safety Expert Witness: Preparation of expert reports, deposition testifying, and trial testifying

Ken's services can help plaintiff and defense attorneys evaluate and focus their approach to a case, potentially saving attorneys and clients thousands of dollars and time in unnecessary efforts.

Areas of School Safety and Security Expertise
Areas of expertise include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  •   School security, school safety, school violence, and related issues in pre-kindergarten-12 education settings

  •    Bullying, school anti-bullying policies and programs, and related issues

  •    Crimes and serious K-12 school related discipline issues such as assault, murder, sexual assault, rape, etc. 

  •   School crisis and emergency preparedness, written emergency / crisis guidelines and plans, and crisis teams

  •    Training school employees on emergency / crisis preparedness, security and school safety issues and practices

  •    School crisis / emergency driills and exercises

  •    School security assessments, premises evaluations and campus threat assessments

  •    Physical security measures (access control, visitor management, fencing, lighting, communications, etc.)

  •    Use of cameras, metal detectors and other security equipment in preK-12 settings

  •    School special event and athletic event security and emergency / crisis planning and preparedness

  •    Threat assessment and response practices for threats made by students and others

  •   School security officers, school police, school security department operations and procedures

  •    Hiring, training, evaluation, and retention of school security officers (proprietary and contract) and school police

  •    School bus transportation violence, security and emergency / crisis issues, driver training on security and related

  •    Crime and incident reporting school policies and procedures 

  •    Personnel / employee and internal security best practices

  •    School board policies and regulations related to school safety, security and emergency / crisis preparedness

  •    School relationships and planning with first responders / public safety and other community partners

  •   School crime prevention, school violence prevention, and associated school climate issues


Expert Service Provider
Litigation support services are provided by Kenneth S. Trump, President of National School Safety and Security Services. Ken has extensive knowledge, training and education, and practical experience in dealing with school security, school safety, school emergency / crisis, and related issues.  

Ken's services provide attorneys and others a unique resource in his specialty areas due to his:

  •  Over 25 year of school security-specific experience in preK-12 settings  

  •  National training and consultation experience with local, state and federal education and public safety agencies 

  •   Author of three books and 75 articles on school safety topics 

  •   Four-time Congressional testifying expert on school safety and emergency preparedness issues 

  •   Invited testifying expert on bullying before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

  •  MPA and BA degrees, and extensive education and training

  •  Ability to effectively communicate to individuals and groups, on camera and media experience, etc.

  •  Credibility, objectivity, ethics, and professionalism

For Additional Information or to Discuss a Case

A biographical summary for Ken Trump is available on this site and additional background information, along with expert witness services fee information, may be obtained by e-mail or by calling (216) 251-3067.


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